is there a way to just have a built in translation system?

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  1. otisjasmodeus

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    hi, i was wondering if it was possible to implemint if there wasent already, a 2 way translation system to the website? as in if i type english i can choose to have it be in russian, and if i want to i can set the site to english, so i can read the stuff without using google translate. theres tons of great stuff on this website, but takes me forever just to see if theres even a download button for half of them. just asking to see if there was.
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  2. Fox

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    u know i think in future its will! because too many are registered on this Russian site and many speak a different language not only english or russian :thumbsup:
  3. Папка01

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    Because we have too much unic content) I cant promice smth, but probably it will be in very close future // SFME