I'm in need of yours help...pls

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  1. assayaro

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    Hello, Mr.

    I'm in need of your help...pls
    I have one question for you...

    I was coding at ServerPerks5.5....
    By the way, I applied to the server.
    It seems such a message..

    Warning: Failed to load 'ServerPerksV5': Can't find file for package 'ServerPerksV5'

    That's why?

    I had to use a custom perks.
    By the way... This is an spam warining.

    Warning: KFGameType kf-farm.KFGameType (Function KFMod.KFGameType.MatchInProgress.SetupPickups:023F) Accessed None 'AmmoPickups'
    Error: KFGameType kf-farm.KFGameType (Function KFMod.KFGameType.MatchInProgress.SetupPickups:023F) Accessed array 'AmmoPickups' out of bounds (0/0)

    What's wrong?
    What i did wrong ... Please point out...

    I have difficulty to Dedi Server.
    If you create a Listen Server, do not auto-ready?
  2. Flack

    Flack После Юзера

    Hi! On the first question: check existence of files ServerPerksMut.u, ServerPerksMut.ucl, ServerPerksV5.ini, ServerPerksV5.u and ServerPerksV5P.u in dir /system
  3. assayaro

    assayaro Не новенький

    Absolutely not serverperks 5.1

    First, thank for your answer.

    I was using .. with serverpers 5.5 version ["editpackage=serverperks"]

    and i wanted to create a new Perks and a weapons for new perks..
    Before, I was using the weapons on the serverperk5.1 ..
    and I toke those weapons to KF SDK with serverperks5.5 ...
    and was compiling again...
    anything else is not a problem, but Toxic can see problem in a few wepons...
    and... It is found same problem in all new perks.
    Perks was compiled, also was working again Serverperks5.5
    A little while ago, delete KF SDK, AND... had to work again on Serverpeks5.5 ...
    Nevertheless... not solve problem....
    I don't understand at all....
    I do not know what's what :ninja:

    If so, The second problem is .. I don't even care about?
    Thanks for all, MR.