Help me please ( Steam error )

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    Hi all, first of all sorry if this message is not in place.

    Well, my problem is that: I had the attack the attack of "Killing Floor.exe stopped working" (solving it blocked firewall and installing KF again )

    After fixing the error, worked fine, but after restarting the computer and want to enter the server, I had the error "Steam error"

    and I want to know if there is any solution (for both problems, if possible) ; Because all solutions for this , was like a rollback for error " KillingFloor.exe "



    I accept your help guys , thanks .

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    Thanx for posting in English section :yes:
    We will try to help you ASAP

    Товарищи эксперты, это ошибка - из как раз обсуждаемой последнее время проблемы пиратки КФ ?
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    Original posted by Chucktacular

    Go to Steam, right-click the game and click properties. In one of the tabs, the "local files" one, there should be a button that says "Verify Integrity of Game Cache". Click on it.

    It will check that you have all the files and then download whatever is missing and should fix it. I had the same
    problem awhile back but this worked. If this doesn't for you then I recommend contacting Steamsupport

    Man who asked this question said It helped him.
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  4. Sia

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    My problem is that I have pirate KF, and no solution didnt worked
  5. Gwyn

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    backup your KF,аnd try to install this crack .(сrack isn't stable)
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  6. MaThreeX

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    and start up right click on RUN_KF.exe Run as administrator
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  7. Sia

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    Ty guys , really thanks :thanks: