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  1. assayaro

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    May i ask for anybody...
    Anybody help me.

    It's... You know serverperks6 release this thime.
    I'll like Emoticon among the rest.

    I'd using tuning ServerPerks v5.5 with clanlogomut
    So, I'v tried to put an extract emoticon code in ServerPerks6.
    My attempt turn out a failure...HMMM

    Because "DependsOn(SRHUDKillingFloor);" in SRHUDKillingFloor.uc
    This seems a message "Error, Unrecognized type 'ClanInfo' within 'SRPlayerReplicationInfo'"
    Maybe, i seems to conflict between a part of clanlogomut to SRHUDKillingFloor.uc

    Is there any other code???
    Is there any other way???

    What do i do?
  2. Fox

    Fox Guest

    I know english but i cant help u with ur problem :confused: