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  1. KF_Noob

    KF_Noob Новенький

    Ah ok thanks testing now....

    You don't have the game to test it out?

    Ok, so did some testing and it would appear that it only drops the top level melee weapon that you switch to. For example, if you don't have any melee weapons and only a knife, it will only drop the knife. If you have other melee weapons that proceeds the knife, ie you press 1 to pull out your melee weapon and you get a katana or sythe first, since that gets chosen first before your knife, then only that weapon will drop and nothing else, even if you are holding something else when you die, like 9mm which should have been dropped be default because you had it out before you died.

    Also the grenades don't drop *Or* explode if you set bExplodeGrenades=False / True respectively in the DropAllWeapConfig.ini

  2. Essence

    Essence Бандит

    Значит, мутатор не работает.
    Ждите, пока я доделаю свою версию.
    Или, возможно, раньше меня это сделает Flame
    Он специалист) :cool:
  3. KF_Noob

    KF_Noob Новенький

    Ok thanks, I will wait. Or if waiting is too long, say more than a few months, I will contact Flame and ask him or someone else who knows how to fix this.